LOI #1 – Prototype Engineering & Design Solicitation

The goal of the prototype design phase is to fully engineer, develop drawings and specify all the systems necessary to competitively bid the fabrication, construction and testing of a complete 12 m³ (3000 gal) per hour desalination unit.

JennSolar is accepting letters of interest to design the prototype. The prototype design will include the review and selection of materials, equipment, vendors, and qualified fabricators.

Process modeling and optimization will utilize simulation software Aspen HYSYS (or equal) to establish mass and energy balances for the system for the troughs and flash vessels.

The design deliverable will be an Autodesk Revit® BIM (or equal) model of multiple Ringtroughs with all foundations, support towers, catenary wires, and equipment required to test the prototype desalination plant. The BIM model will be supplemented by engineering calculations supporting material choices and dimensions. Included will be a specification for component materials, equipment, and source vendors.

The goal is to create a 100% complete design and specification that source vendors and prototype builders can competitively bid on.  Also specified will be the testing equipment and operating parameters to evaluate the operational prototype during the prototype testing phase.

All deliverables will be the property of JennSolar LLC and will not contain proprietary information except as agreed to by JennSolar.

Engineering, design, BIM model, specifications, and vendors will be developed and specified for the following Ringtrough sub-assemblies:

  • Ring beams
  • Trough structure
  • Trough mirror
  • Trough assembly formwork
  • Trough support tower
  • Servomechanism drive system
  • Sun tracking system
  • Foundation
  • Support and hold down rollers
  • Catenary wire and collector tube support channel
  • Collector tube (seawater heater)
  • Power wiring diagram
  • Control wiring diagram
  • Operating software
  • Testing equipment and software

In addition, the engineering firm will incorporate all systems required to build a complete prototype desalination unit, including but not limited to:

  • Seawater intake pumps and piping
  • Seawater pretreatment filters
  • Feed pumps
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Flash tank, condensers and pumps
  • Distillate tank
  • Brine discharge piping and pumps

Location of the prototype construction is not determined at this time.

Note: Contractual agreements will only be effective via a fully executed Contract. No agreements will be implied via letter, email, verbal or otherwise.