Climate Change

South Lake dam with no water visible because of California drought

Something is happening to our planet’s climate and the changes are not for the better.  The American west is experiencing annual reductions in the snow pack and earlier snow melt resulting in annual extreme drought conditions.  Australia is still recovering from the worst drought in recorded history.  Most of the African continent is being impacted by the ongoing drought conditions.

While the causes of climate change are endlessly debated, tens of millions of people affected by extreme drought and weather do not debate the cause, they just suffer the effects.

The effects on the environment can be much worse. The recent California drought killed 129 million trees.  Millions of these trees were over 100 years old and had survived all previous droughts, yet this recent drought killed them.

Extreme weather events are increasing.   Ice sheets and glaciers are melting causing sea levels to slowly rise.  Oceans are become more acidic and coral reefs are dying.  If enough evidence points toward man-made causes, then it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to understand more and mitigate the effects.  Even if you disagree with the causes and effects of climate change, you can at least agree to not oppose what many people, organizations and Governments worldwide agree is the solution.

The only solution which we can work toward is to shift the world to renewable energy, by making it more affordable than the equivalent fossil fuels.  Then and only then will the acceleration to renewable energy occur.  JennSolar will be the first to achieve this milestone in multiple markets.