The RingtroughSustainable & Affordable Desalination Using The Next Generation of Solar Parabolic Troughs

What is JennSolar?

JennSolar will accelerate the energy shift from fossil fuels .

The Ringtrough will be the first to desalinate with 100% renewable energy 

Rows of Solar Parabolic Troughs


    • Create 100% renewable energy desalination plants as an affordable alternate to fossil fuel desalination plants
    • By being the first renewable energy technology to cost less than the equivalent fossil fuels 
  • Providing new sources of fresh water to millions of people, crops and livestock
Water distribution in Cape Town, South Africa - January 2018

Why Water?

  • Extreme droughts worldwide have depleted fresh water resources impacting over 1 billion people 
  • Forcing the installation of over 20,000 desalination plants powered by fossil fuels
  • Leaving many areas which cannot afford to install and operate these plants without adequate water

Why water?


The Ringtrough’s patented design heats the seawater directly by reflecting sunlight onto a pipe. Current solar troughs cannot directly heat seawater.  The Ringtrough is also structurally capable of being twice the size of existing troughs reflecting twice the sunlight.  These two improvements combined will double the efficiency of the Ringtrough over existing solar technologies. 

Kickstarter Campaign

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, a 30 day Kickstarter campaign will begin with a goal of raising $400,000.  This amount will fund the engineering and design of the  desalination plant prototype.  On that day, a link to the Kickstarter Campaign page will be available here.

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