All Other Opportunities

Note from the Founder – Kevin Jennings

While JennSolar is a small startup with a big to-do list, we want to encourage participation from interested individuals and organizations.  Water scarcity is bigger than any company and renewable energy is bigger than any country.  History will look back on this transition from fossil fuels as a defining moment in human civilization.  Our planet’s resources are finite.  If we really care about our children, then we must teach them how to use these diminishing resources wisely and show them by our own actions the importance of a sustainable future.

Employment Opportunities

JennSolar currently has no employment opportunities, however we encourage individuals to check back after the Kickstarter campaign.  Depending on the amount funded, JennSolar will hopefully offer employment to individuals with qualifications in the applicable fields of engineering in the US, Australia and South Africa.

Joint Ventures & Strategic Partnerships

While our immediate goals are clearly defined, our subsequent goals will be aligned with who we partner with.  A partnership will include some combination of funding, technology, location, equity, licensing, intellectual property, roles, management and many other variables.  Ultimately, the right partnership will benefit both JennSolar, our partner, the technology and the industry.


JennSolar is only soliciting investment via Kickstarter crowd funding. The goal of the crowd funding is to fund the prototype design.


While JennSolar’s potential profit will appear on an investor’s radar, JennSolar views that potential profit as added cost without value.  JennSolar’s goal is to become the first renewable energy source that costs less than the equivalent fossil fuels in selected markets without  government subsidies.  Investors in JennSolar will be required to provide more than just money and will receive more than just profit.

Government Solicitations

JennSolar will consider pursuing government solicitations if the goals and benefits of the solicitation align with JennSolar’s.  Due to resources, JennSolar may be limited in their ability to respond to each solicitation RFP.

Patent Licensing Agents & Marketing

JennSolar is not accepting proposals for individuals or companies, which will act as patent licensing agents, or provide marketing services.